Friday, September 11, 2015

Quilting on the Road

I did actually accomplish something this morning before we head to Cedar City, UT where we plan to stop for the night.  I have traced the pattern pieces for my fall banner onto fusible webbing.  I'm hoping tonight to get it ironed onto the fabric and cut out.

I purchased two pieces of blue fabric for the background as I couldn't find a nice light blue one.  Not sure which I'll use until I cut all the pieces out and lay them out to see which looks best.

Of course the true colors don't show up.

Updated progress picture of Hangin' with the Boys:

Of course now I need to do all the embroidery on it and sew some eye buttons on the scarecrow and one on the shirt.  I'm not liking how the hat is sitting on his pointy head so I may recut it and put it lower on his head.   He's looking like a cone head instead of a scarecrow.  Once I get the buttons on and the embroidery done I'll add two borders, sandwich it and then all that will be left is to quilt it.  I have a nice piece of driftwood I picked up at the lake while in Idaho that I'll hang it from.  It's nice to be working on something that isn't going to take weeks to finish.  Gotta run and do some blanket stitching.  See ya'll later.

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  1. It is always so frustrating when cameras don't show true colors in things, especially if you work hard to catch some natural light. It's a constant battle!