Friday, December 16, 2016

2017 Planning Party

Can you believe its that time of year already?  I sure can't.  The time is flying by at the speed of light, and speaking of spead, I'll be linking up with Yvonne over at Quilting Jetgirl for her 2017 Planning Party.  I participated last year and did okay with my 2016 plans.  Several items on my goal list were completed, some are still works in progress, and a few got dropped by the wayside. 

I looked over last years list and have moved a few things to my 2017 list and added a few more.  So, without anymore delay (drumroll please), here is my list of 2017 quilty goals:
  • Meadow Mystery Quilt - this is ongoing and will finish up in April 2017.  I plan getting it quilted before we leave the summer.  We'll be campground managers for another year at Cape Perpetua on the Oregon coast.
  • 2017 Stash Bee - I'm in Hive 5 and so excited to be a part of this group.  I plan on making the requested block each moth and getting it mail off on time. 
  • Mighty Lucky Quilting Club - I've joined this club for 2017 and also very excited to be participating.  I plan on staying on top of this each month.  
  • Make 3 Quilts of Valor quilts during the year. 
  • Make 1 baby quilt to donate.
  • Make 1 English paper pieced La Passacaglia rosette each month.
  • Make 1 redwork block each month.
  • Design and make a quilt to enter into a quilt show.  This is a scary one.
  • Complete my project for the Alison Glass Challenge Linky Party which will end January 31, 2017.
  • Pins and Needles Quilt and Needle Art Show - Be successful as our local quilt guild's quilt show intake coordinator.  This is my first year in this position and it is going to keep me very busy during the months of January and through the show which is from February 17th through February 19th. 
That's it.  Do you think I've taken on too much for 2017?  I probably have, but I like a challenge and to think BIG.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Stockings and Meadow Mystery Quilt

Once again it has been several weeks since my last post.  Not because I haven't been busy, just that there hasn't been much to report.   The majority of that time was spent cross-stitching on the Christmas stocking for my granddaughter-in-law, Callie.  The first picture is her stocking and the second picture is from my last post.  For those of you who have never done any cross-stitching, the green glove on the left took almost four hours to stitch.  It is a long and slow process, especially when you have a lot of color changes. 

Here is a picture of the stocking for my granddaughter, Dakotah.  I had finished the cross-stitching on it before our summer travels, but just made it into a stocking this week.

They both went into the mail yesterday and are scheduled to arrive at my daughter's on Monday. 

Yesterday the December instructions were posted for the Meadow Mystery quilt and I got those all stitched up.  I can't believe how on top of this I've been the last couple of months.  It is never too late to get in on the fun for this mystery quilt.  Just pop over to Cheryl's blog, Meadow Mist Designs, HERE for all the instructions.

Living in an RV full-time doesn't give you many places to take pictures when it is cold and very, very windy outside, so I must apologize for the lousy picture taken in the bathroom.

On the personal side of life, my husband left for Alaska on November 12th and will be returning on December 15th.  He is up there to help his daughter out with her three teenagers as she is going through a divorce.  I think he was ready to come back home after the first week there. 

During November, I participated in a 30 day minimalist challenge.  On November 1st, I got rid of one item, November 2nd, I got rid of two items on so on.  You get the picture I'm sure.  All-in-all I cleared out 465 items from our tiny RV home.  It was a great challenge and it felt good to get rid of all the things I haven't used in years, including a lot of smaller clothes that I'd never fit into again.  It would be a good challenge for January for those of you who tend to hold on to stuff.

Next up, I'm going to look at my goals for 2016 and see what I can actually accomplish before the end of this year.  Stay tuned and happy stitching.

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