Sunday, February 28, 2016

Linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching over at Katie's Quilts.  Please hop on over and look at all the wonderful stitching that has been going on this past week.

Last Sunday we stopped for a night in Lake Havasu City and took some time to see the London Bridge and some of the lighthouse replicas on the island.  I won't bore you will all the picture of the lighthouses, but I am posting one of the most unusual ones, at least in my mind.
 London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, AZ

 "Lil Red" or Sputnik, Alpena, MI Lighthouse replica
The Splendid Sampler project began on the day we left for vacation so I had three blocks to get done to catch up and I was able to get them all done.  However, block 5 came out today and I still need to make block 4.  I believe I will always be lagging a bit on this project, but I don't mind that and I'm having fun making them and seeing all the blocks that others have completed and posted on Facebook.

 Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Next I took a bit of a break and made a Pixie Basket from Fabric Mutt.  It was quick and fun to make.  Hope you make one too.
Wednesday the Westering Women BOM for February was posted and I hopped on that right away.  Here is my block which is called Indian.  I think using the homespun with some solid cotton fabric is working out well.  The history that Barbara Brackman posts along with the block each month is a great read.
Friday was a fun day as we went to the Pahrump Balloon Festival, had breakfast out, and got some shopping done.  The Wells Fargo balloon was my favorite.  It took quite awhile for them to get it full so it could lift off.

I didn't work on the Christmas stocking until yesterday. I had hoped to get the cross-stitching finished up, but didn't.  I still have some of the holly leaves and the date under her name to complete. It will need to be washed and pressed before I add the beads for the holly berries and the eagle's eye.  Maybe today I will get the stitching done.  I will have to figure out how to make it into a stocking and then find a pattern for the next one that will be gifted to my soon-to-be granddaughter-in-law.
 It was a busy and fun week.  Happy stitching.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 23, 2016 update... I'm linking up with Sarah at Berry Barn Designs for her 4x7 Sewing Challenge. 

I missed posting last week  :( so wanted to update my Sunday post to show all the sewing I did.  I have even gotten more done on the Christmas stocking as you can see by the picture directly below here.  It is finally taking on a stocking shape.  I hope to get the stitching finished up this week.  Even though we were on vacation I was able to get in some sewing every day last week and enjoyed every second of it. 

We have been having fun during our vacation week here in Arizona which I elaborate on below.

I did get a lot of stitching in.  I got all three of my Redwork blocks done and started on a forth which isn't pictured here.  You'll have to come back again to see it.

The snowman I had done before, but I had used too many strands of floss so this one is the remake with the correct number.
I also worked on the Christmas stocking and finished the eagle, got it all back stitched and have gotten a bit more done.  I'm hoping to get all but the name and year stitched on it this week.  I haven't decided on a pattern for my granddaughter-in-law's stocking.  Actually, I haven't even been looking and will need to start on that.

Some of the detail at the top that I'm working on now.

Are any of you participating in The Splendid Sampler with Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson?  They have posted two of the blocks and another one will be posted today.  I will be taking part in it, but won't start until I get home.  I'll be using fabric from my stash and didn't bring it with me on the trip.
Another Westering Women block will be posted tomorrow for all those interested.  So I will be very busy playing catch up when I get home.
Today we will be leaving Salome and traveling to Lake Havasu City which is where the London Bridge is.  We'll stay there until Tuesday and head for home.  We have visited with lots of friends, and eaten many meals out for which the scale is not happy about.  We went into Parker, AZ on Monday to have lunch with a couple we worked with in 2012 at a campground on Detroit Lake in Oregon.  I then hunted down a quilt shop that was no longer there.  Big Bummer!!!  On Wednesday we went into Wickenburg, AZ as there was supposed to be a quilt shop there.  We found it and there was a sign on the door to call for an appointment.  I called an got voice mail.  Another bummer.  I guess someone is trying to tell me I have to use my stash.  Supposedly there are two quilt shops in Lake Havasu City so tomorrow I'll be looking for them.
Yesterday we went to a car show/quilt show/chili cook off in Wenden, AZ.  There were about 8 cars in the show and the quilts were mostly old quilts and partially finished quilts.  We didn't wait around for the chili as most of the cook off we've been to seem to have overly hot and spicy chili which neither of us can eat anymore.  Here is a picture of my better half that I took while there.
I'm liking up with Slow Sunday Stitching today.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!!!    I'm linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching today.

I don't have too much to report on this week, but I did get the Independence Square block for the Westering Women BOM for January made.  The next block will be posted on February 24th.  I do like the homespun fabric I ended up using.  For some unknown reason I had purchased two fat quarter bundles with no plans for them so decided to use them for this project. 

As far as the Christmas stocking for my granddaughter, I finished the trees and some falling snow.  Next up on the stocking will be the eagle.  There will still be a lot more to do when the eagle is finished and back stitched. 

I also got a lot of my next round of EPP pieces all basted and ready to whip stitch together.  No picture though.

We leave today for a short trip down to Arizona to see a couple friends, do a little sightseeing, and most importantly just get away.  There are two wildlife refuges we hope to visit too.  We plan is to stay a week at an RV resort which has a pool, spa, clubhouse with lots of activities and, of course, I have my quilting and handwork to hopefully keep me out of trouble.  I've also downloaded several audio books from the library that I'll listen to as we travel and while I'm stitching.  I've packed material for two baby quilts that I hope to get cut out while we are there.

Happy stitching,

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Two link ups today.  The first one is the 4x7 Sewing Challenge over at Berry Barn Designs. The Second is Let's Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts.

I pretty much sew every day.  Not the same thing of course as I always have several on going projects, and not all of those projects are for me.  The 4x7 Sewing Challenge is all about sewing for yourself. 

On February 14th The Splendid Sampler Mystery begins.  Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson created this 100 block mystery quilt that will run for 50 weeks, 2 blocks a week, with numerous designers providing the 6" blocks.  There is a Facebook Group which now has over 10,000 followers and is growing by leaps and bounds.  Jane created a pattern for a Folding Block Station which many people have made, me included.  Here are a couple pictures of mine.  The pocket on the outside holds a 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" square ruler, the inside on the left is a design board for your individual squares and a pressing mat on the right which has a 6" block designed by Pat.  This project was a way to audition your fabrics, but I'm going to be making my blocks from my stash and will choosing fabric as I go.  If you haven't joined in and would like to, click here.

Another new project for me is the Westering Women BOM.  A block is posted on the last Wednesday of each month along with some history of those courageous women traveling west in the 1800s.  I am using some homespun that I had stashed with some 100% cotton.  I read that I needed to prewash the fabric as one will shrink differently than the other.  So this past week I got them washed and ironed and ready to cut this week.  I have several choices for the first block, called Independence Square.  Be sure to check back to see which ones I pick for the block.

I'm continually working on my La Passacaglia which is an English Paper Piecing project that will probably be ongoing for a very long time.  There is a Facebook Group for this also and I've read where it has taken some sewists over a year to complete their quilt, so I'm thinking it may just take me two or three years to finish mine.  This is another project that I'm using my stash for, except for the raspberry stars which I had to buy more of as I will be using that fabric for all the stars in the quilt.  I just started on the final round for this Rosette (the one raspberry star with the blue on both sides).  I'm not sure I really like my fabric choices, but I'm going to live with them.   Picking the fabric is the hardest part for me.  I pull out lots and lots of fabric, pick a few, cut and baste, then toss out until I think I have what will work best.  Then there is a lot of clean up putting all that fabric back where it belongs.

I have a monthly goal of stitching three blocks for the #210 Holiday Redwork Hand Embroidery quilt that I'll display during December and probably into January.  Today I'm prepping the next three blocks that I'll embroider in February.  They go pretty fast so you haven't seen any posts on these for awhile.  This is another one for me.

I did get the Midnight Mystery Quilt finished and will take it to quilt guild tomorrow to make certain it can be donated to Quilts of Valor before I make the label for it.

My daughter-in-law gave me a very cool tote for my birthday that I'll be using when I go to quilt guild.  It has lots of space for all those sewing goodies that I tote around in several separate plastic containers.  Thank you, Jennifer (yep, there are 4 of us in the family).

This week I'll be finishing up the baby quilt that I'll be donating.  I just need to piece the back and then quilt it.  WooHoo!!  I'm looking forward to another finish.  This one isn't for me, but I do get a lot of joy working on projects that will be donated.

I have made a little bit more progress on my granddaughter's Christmas stocking.  I hope to get the three trees finished up this week and then I'll probably work on the eagle next.

Happy stitching,

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday and Slow Sunday Stitching finds us spending the weekend in Henderson, NV with my husband's son and his lovely wife, Jennifer.  We came down Friday morning and will go home tomorrow morning.  It is always and wonderful stay.  We went out to dinner Friday night to celebrate my birthday which was delicious.  We all shared an order of mussels with garlic and lemon and I had a cobb salad for dinner.  Extra yum!  Saturday, Jennifer and I went to Jo-Ann's and I used two gift cards that I had.  One had a little left on it from Christmas and then my daughter, Jennifer, (Yep, there are 4 Jennifers in our family) had given me one for my birthday.  All-in-all I only had to pay $1.34 for all that you see in the picture below. 

Yesterday I finished another round on my La Passacaglia.  I'm really liking how it is turning out.  The next round is more stars.  I didn't bring any material down with me so it'll be on hold until we get back home.

My main project for the past week was quilting my Midnight Mystery quilt.  I free-motion quilted it with loop-da-loops and stars.  I'm not sure if you can see the stars in the up-close picture.  I brought it with us and got the binding on the back hand stitched.  It is all washed and dried.  I used two Color Catchers and they worked perfectly.  Some of the red and blue fabric must have run as the Color Catchers were kind of purple when I took them out.  I still need to make a label for the quilt and get it sewn on.  First I'll take it to quilt guild for show and tell and to make certain it can be used as a Quilt of Valor as my quilting isn't the greatest.

I'm trying to sew from my stash and I had bought material for 4 baby quilts.  At first I thought I only had material for 3, but when I went through my big tub of batting and projects there were 4.  I had already cut out the pieces for one so I got that all pieced together.  I did have to buy fabric for the backing which is green with white polka dots.  The photo isn't the best as I don't press my quilts until I'm ready to baste and quilt them.

I didn't get much done on the cross-stitched Christmas stocking this week, but check out that little patch of green in the area by the right antler of the moose.   That was all I accomplished on it this week.

Next week I'll spend more time on my cross-stitching, hopefully finish the one baby quilt so it can be donated, get fabric cut for the next round on my La Passacaglia, and get three more redwork blocks prepared for stitching.  I'm trying to do 3 of those each month. 

I also received happy mail from Kathy Brown at The Teachers Pet.  I had won all these wool applique patterns.  Do you remember that cute little tin that I had gotten at the China Ranch Date Farm?  That will be used for one these Wee Woolies.  Thank you Kathy.

I'm linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching today.  Happy stitching.